Dynamic Unweighting System
MSRP: $9,999
PhysioGait 360 Dynamic Unweighting System

The PhysioGait is a training device for simultaneous control of unweighting, posture and balance on a treadmill or firm surface. Systems providing dynamic unweighting are a perfect solution for training patients in a wide range of gait disorders. PhysioGait helps to maintain proper posture, reduces load, eliminates balance problems and improves motor coordination training. Unique harnesses are designed for uni or bilateral support of the body as well as for a gradual level change from fully loaded to fully unloaded. The device allows for a manual controlled treatment of lower limbs and pelvis to ensure proper movement. Configurability of the device allows the clinics to treat various patients with a single PhysioGait system. Included extra options help to adjust the system to specific needs of each patient providing the ultimate Partial Weight Bearing System for any facility.

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Weight Capacity (lbs) 360
Overall Height7' 9"
Max Patient Height7' 2"
Max Height on 6" TM6' 8"
Max Yoke Height7' 9"
Powered Yoke Adjustment28"
Base Width35.4" / XL 39"
Inside Base Width30.7" / XL 34.3"
Leg Height8"
Leg Length48"
Handlebar Range22.5"
Caster Diameter5"
Warranty3 Yr Frame, 3 Yr Actuator,
1 Yr Harness, 1 Year Electronics,
3 Month Battery

PhysioGait Harness Sizes
X Small28.4" - 32.7"
Small33.0" - 37.4"
Medium37.8" - 42.1"
Large42.5" - 46.8"
X Large47.2" - 51.2"